Twenty Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing an Online School

Picking the online school where you’ll earn your degree is an important decision—and it shouldn’t be entered into without plenty of consideration. Here are twenty questions you should get answers to before you decide on an online school that’s right for your.

1. What is this school’s reputation?

2. What is its accreditation, and is its accreditation legitimate?

3. What do employers say about this school?

4. What do alumni say about this school?

5. How long has this school been in operation as an online or traditional school?

6. Do they offer the degree program you’re looking for?

7. How long does it take for you to earn your degree?

8. Do the classes included in their degree program offer you the kind of education you’re looking for?

9. Are the professors experienced or well known in your industry? Do they have formal training or advanced degrees?

10. Are the professors experienced at teaching in an online environment?

11. Does the school offer experience credit or transfer credits?

12. Does this school’s program meet required licensing requirements in your state?

13. What financial aid options are available?

14. How do they deliver learning materials? Through online downloads? Podcasts? Videocasts? Live feed lectures?

15. How responsive are professors to questions?

16. How does the school support its students? What kind of student support services are available for online students?

17. What are the scheduling requirements for the school? Will they fit in around your work and family obligations?

18. How flexible is the class schedule? How long do you have to complete each assignment?

19. Is there an in-person lab component to your degree program? Does the school help you find a place to fulfill this requirement near where you live?

20. Does the school require you to take an entry test?